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The mission of the Penn Hills School District Naval Junior Officer Reserve Training Corps program is to encourage Penn Hills cadets to develop behaviors that reflect self-discipline, personal responsibility, goal setting and achievement, physical fitness, scholarship, and proper social etiquette through study, teamwork, leadership, citizenship, patriotism, social interaction, and community service.


The Penn Hills School District NJROTC program is committed to providing the best opportunity for each cadet to achieve success and to develop habits of scholarship, self discipline, and physical fitness that will last a lifetime.

1. The Penn Hills School District NJROTC program maintains an academic and professional atmosphere where cadets are offered an opportunity to develop their abilities for future academic, leadership, and citizenship responsibilities.

2. It provides a unique opportunity available through only a few high schools for students to develop the drive and enthusiasm for personal excellence that will challenge them to the full extent of their abilities.

3. Penn Hills School District NJROTC faculty and cadets exhibit the highest qualities of scholarship, leadership, integrity, management, innovation, camaraderie, honor and civic virtue.