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Staff/Chain of Command

Chain of Command

The Honorable Mr. George Walker Bush - President of the United States

The Honorable Dick Cheney - Vice President of the United States

The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary of Defense

The Honorable Condoleezza Rice - Secretary of State

The Honorable Gordon R. England - Secretary of the Navy

General Peter Pace, USMC - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Admiral Mike Mullen, USN - Chief of Naval Operations

Vice Admiral Kevin Moran, USN - Naval Education and Training (CNET)

Vice Admiral Rhondeau, USN - Naval Education and Training Center (Great Lakes NETC)

Rear Admiral Gary R.Jones,USN - Naval Service Training Command

Commander Joseph Henkins, USN - NJROTC Area 4 Manager

Commander Robert Morabito USN RET. - Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI)

1st SGT Martin Kenderson USMC RET. - Naval Science Instructor (NSI)

Battalion Staff - Big Red Battalion

Commanding Officer - c/CDR E. Poorman

Executive Officer - c/LCDR N. Stockman

Command Master Chief - c/MCPO Kyles

Administration Officer - c/LT(JG) M. Boby

Supply Officer- c/LT(JG) L. Full

Public Affairs Officer - c/ENS A. Pezzelle

Ordinance Officer - c/ENS Mickle

Boatswan's Chief - c/CPO E. Dyll

Alpha Company Staff

Alpha Company Commanding Officer - c/LCDR E. Myers

Executive Officer - c/LT R. Massie

Command Senior Chief - c/SCPO N. Robinson

Administrative Officer - c/CPO A. Hegerty

Supply Officer - c/CPO M. Plezcowski

Bravo Company Staff

Bravo Company Commanding Officer - c/LCDR A. Holodnik

Executive Officer - c/LT M. Crivaro

Command Senior Chief - c/SCPO A. Bennett

Administrative Officer - c/CPO E. Townsend

Supply Officer - c/CPO R. Overand

Team Commanders

Drill Team Commander- c/LCDR N. Stockman

Color Guard Commander- c/LT(JG) M. Boby

Asst. Color Guard Commander- c/SN C. Conaway

First Year Color Guard - TBA

Sword Team Commander- TBA

Asst. Sword Team Commander- TBA

Academic Team Commander- TBA